Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I think it was in April when Cameron said to me, "Should we have Nerf Club this year or Lego Club again?" "Whatever you want Cam!" is how I replied. So, yesterday Cameron and Michael spent about an hour on the computer making their flier, then they got on their bikes and took it around. There were 18 boys invited and 17 came! Quite the turnout! Their NERF WAR is going on as I type...I am 'taking cover' in the kitchen nook!

These are such great boys my kids have the privilege of associating with. They are over here tearing this place apart...couch cushions everywhere...they use these as bunkers or sheilds..haha! Oddly enough I am LOVING every minute of this! I love having boys and love that they like NERF guns instead of real ones...ha!

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